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WRGE Program Director Hans Jeff Borger


Jeff has worked in Ocala area radio since the late 1980s. Good music is his passion and sharing Jesus with the community is a top priority.

WRGE musical advisor Don Ward

DON "Nelson" WARD

 Don is our musical advisor. He is has graciously given us access to his vast broadcast library which he has carefully compiled and shared with radio audiences through the years.

WRGE announcer Emmanuel Mieses


Emmanuel is a WRGE announcer and audiophile. He is currently working on his first Christian themed book and is actively involved in Ocala area personal ministries outreach.



Mike is one of the most helpful and inspiring Christians we know. He is also one of the most talented in his many skills which the Lord has blessed him with. He has been an avid WRGE supporter since its inception and we are glad to have him on our team.

WRGE treasurer Jack Copeland


Jack is an acclaimed storyteller in the Ocala area. Jack has a recording studio in his home and hosts a radio show called "It's Not The End Of The World But You Can See It From Here."

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